When you need to obtain a certificate of state registration of rights

Because the certificate is a confirmation of the relevance of information about the property is made in the unified state register, all changes must also be entered in the register, evidenced by a new certificate. Therefore, if the apartment was made alterations to or merged apartments, you will need to register these changes and obtain a new certificate for a new one, in fact, property.

This document will need to register again, if there is a change of ownership or has changed the passport data, the right to inheritance or property passed to another owner in order gift. The basis for obtaining the certificate is lost or the replacement of certificates of the old sample on new, approved by the Decree of RF Government No. 219 in February 1998. To obtain the certificate required and in the case that at the time of the transaction, it was not designed, and in the case where it is necessary to register the rights of ownership of the apartment, located in TSZH or ZHSK.

The procedure for obtaining the certificate of state registration of rights

These testimonies give to the territorial departments of Management of Federal service of state registration, cadastre and cartography (Rosreestr). Go there for getting the certificate is open to any physical person who is the owner of the property, and the owners of other types of rights to it (lease, sublease, hire, etc.). This document can only be issued to the owner as at the time of registration, and in the case where the document was lost, but real estate law is still after him. The presence of this law is easily confirmed by information included in the unified state register.

When the property is in common ownership, each owner gets its own instance certificate, which lists his share. On the back of this document contains a list of all the other shareholders, indicating their passport data and a share in the common property. If the property belongs to the spouse on rights of joint ownership, the certificate will be issued in a single copy, but as the owners on the front side will be given a list of all owners of the property.

The property which is in common use, the owners of apartments in apartment buildings, a separate certificate is not issued. They owned a share in the common property registered in the certificate for an apartment in their property.