Making land into property, first determine what the reasons will be acquired by land land. If you are the owner of the property, which was formalized earlier than July 1990, the land will give you for free. Otherwise, the land you will have to buy on the cadastral value.
Please contact the local administration, a statement about the privatization of land, to which attach the cadastral passport of the land plot, as well as the ownership certificate and technical passport of the property. Concluding a land plot purchase and sale contract of sale, or voluntary conveyance in the property, register the contract in FRS and get evidence on the ground.
If the earth registration in the property or in rent you will need to conduct country or private sector to apply to the local administration about allocation of the land plot indicating the location and dimensions of the land and purpose of use.
The decision, according to which the plot provides property free of charge or for a fee, or the decision on allocation of the land plot in rent will be made within a month.
Next, ask for a certificate in the FRS with the decision on granting the land plot and signed agreement. The lease apply to the state registration if it is concluded for a period exceeding 1 year.
To acquire land in property under construction, apply for participation in the auctions (competition or auction) conducted by the local administration for the provision of land for construction. If you win the auction sign a Protocol on the results and the contract of sale. Then submit these documents to the Federal registration service.
You can also acquire land in property by buying, receiving as a gift or by barter from citizens and organizations. Land acquisition in this case is carried out through the conclusion and subsequent state registration of the relevant treaties. The land in lease to citizens and organizations issued with the conclusion of land plot lease agreement.