You will need
  • - your passport;
  • - documents of title to house and land;
  • - extract from the cadastral passport of the house and land;
  • - copy of the cadastral plan of the house and land;
  • - statement by the registration centre;
  • - receipt of payment for registration (100 for house & 100 roubles for a piece).
For registration of rights of ownership , you will need an extract from the cadastral passportand the copy of the cadastral plan. To obtain these documents, contact BTI, write a statement. If the cadastral passport was issued more than 5 years ago, without calling out a technician you will be unable to issue any statement as the expiration date of this document is 5 years.
Call a technician. Based on examination of the houseand outbuildings you will be new technical documents and give all necessary notices.
In addition to the houseand you have to make rights of ownership to land, because the house is always on the ground and the land is an integral part of the house. No documents on the site you will not be able to register the house.
Arrange for the land plot cadastral passport and put it on the cadastral account. To do this, contact the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography and call the cadastral engineer. He will hold a list of required works and will give all the technical documents that will register in the Central registry, will issue cadastral passport and will issue a discharge. You will also need a copy of the cadastral plan of the land plot.
With the obtained extracts and copies, contact the Federal Office for the unified registration of transactions with real estate. Present documents of title to house and land. For legal documents include: the agreement of purchase and sale or gift, certificate of inheritance.
Write a statement on the proposed letterhead to register the rights of ownership to house and land. On the basis of submitted documents your rights register and issue a certificate of right of ownership on the house and the land.