You will need
  • -passport
  • -extract from the cadastral passport and the copy of the cadastral plan
  • -decree of the administration
  • receipt of payment for the plot
  • -extract from the household book
  • -documents of title
  • -a statement in regcenter
  • receipt of payment of state duty for registration
The purchased land by sale need to issue new technical documents, to register them in the registration centre of the earth, cadastre and cartography.
For the design of technical documents, please contact the cadastral registration center. Write a statement. You will present the list of licensed surveyors who may perform the work and issue technical documentation
After the documents received present in the Central inventory. The site will assign a cadastral number will put on the cadastral account and prepare a cadastral passport for it.
An extract from the cadastral passport, personal passport, the documents of title to the site is necessary to address in Federal registration service with the statement.
Based on the submitted documents, you will issue a certificate of title.
You also need to do, if the plot has a certificate of inheritance or deed of gift.
If the site is designed to rent and there was a lease agreement to place the land in the property is needed in addition to the cadastral passport, technical documents and production of land cadastral registration, to obtain the decision of the owner of the land, which is the local municipality.
To do this, refer to the administration, to write a statement and submit documents. On the basis of statements and documents you will be issued a decree on the transfer of land property with the resolution of the head of the district administration. Depending on designed you're already in the area of rental property or not, you will be asked to pay for the land or give the land for free.
All documents received register in the territorial office of the Federal registration service and get a certificate of ownership.
The plot, which is obtained in the the country, and documents which are not available, must be made in accordance with the law on dacha Amnesty.
To do this, to extract from the household book in the reign of horticulture or in the local administration. To make the technical documents mentioned above and register at the registration centre of the inventory. All the documents to submit for registration of ownership in the Federal registration service and obtain a certificate of ownership.
If the land was obtained under the individual building at auction, it all the documents are prepared. You will only have to enter the building in operation, to buy land from the administration for 2.5% of its cadastral value to register title of ownership.