Advice 1: How to obtain a duplicate certificate of ownership

In that case, if you have lost or lost the documents on the right of ownership, you need to urgently get them into registered bodies, to not use people who want to capitalize on someone else's misfortune.
How to obtain a duplicate certificate of ownership
If the title of ownership was issued before July 1997, you will need to make a request to the archives of the BTI, and if from July 1997 to February 1998 for the Department of housing policy of the local administration.
Complete the application form for obtaining duplicate certificate of the right of ownership and pay the state duty in the established size.
Not later than 15 days after filing, you will need to obtain a certificate, which will contain the same information as in lost (lost) testimony, namely:- information about the object that is covered by the right of ownership;
- information about the owner (i.e. you);
- rights (percentage of ownership, full ownership);
the basis of the right of ownership (contract of sale or of gift, the privatization agreement).
Take you received help and contact a local branch of the Federal reserve, in which you will have to issue a duplicate during the month.
If lost (lost) document was issued later refer directly to the local office of the fed to obtain a duplicate.
If the title document was notarized contract of sale, make a request to the archive of that notary's office where you have entered into this agreement. Once you get a copy of the contract, contact with her local branch of the fed for obtaining the certificate of the right of ownership in the form required by law.
In order that no one can use your documents if they were lost or stolen, contact the court with a prohibition to carry out any transaction with your property as long as you don't restore the documents.
If you have issued power of attorney to receive copies of the documents stipulated in it, and Trustee responsibilities and deadlines of the task on your behalf.

Advice 2 : How to restore the primary documentation in case of loss

In the process of economic activities of the organization leaders can deal with such situations, when for some reason lost the original documents. In this case, the entrepreneur is required to recover all lost documents. If this is not done, the tax Inspectorate may bring the head to administrative responsibility.
How to restore the primary documentation in case of loss
First check the reason for the missing documents. For example, if documentation has been lost during an emergency (fire, flood, etc.), inventory. For this regulatory document, assign members of the inventory Commission, the timing of the audit and indicate the object inventory. In the order you should specify the reason for the verification of primary documents.
At the end of the inventory draw up an act and approve it by signature. If there was a fire, will receive a certificate from the authority of the state fire service; if there is a flood, you will receive confirmation in the MOE.
If the documents had been lost or someone is destroyed, you should appoint a Commission to investigate. It should include representatives of the investigating authorities, security and other responsible persons. When stealing the documents you have to go to the police.
In the process of taking inventory make a list of lost documents. Remember that it must be accurate. For example, you have lost the invoices. In this case, you must list their numbers and dates. The list of documents verifying the Manager and chief accountant.
Fill in the address of your tax services notification of loss of primary documents. Please attach copies of the documents confirming the fact of loss. Also attach a copy of the compiled list. All documents seal of the organization and signature of the head.
Then, restore lost documents. For this you can use the electronic version of accounting. If you need to restore the primary documents received from contractors, make them address the letter with a request to duplicate the shape. All documents must have signatures of responsible persons and seals of the organizations.

Advice 3 : What organization can help in the restoration of documents

The first document a person receives at birth. With age they are becoming more often they are lost. Recovery of lost documents is a simple process, but quite troublesome, requiring considerable patience and expense.
filling of documents

Recovery of lost documents

If you lose any documents for their restoration it is necessary to apply it to the body that it was originally issued.
To restore lost documents in all instances required to provide the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or other document proving the identity of the applicant. If to recover the document be a Trustee - you must issue a notarized power of attorney.

To restore the passport

In case of lost passports are a statement to the local office of the Federal migration service at the place of residence. Usually the office of the Federal migration service located in the territory of the district police. Here will be given a temporary passport, indicating the reason for the loss of the document.

Further, with the temporary passport, you must contact the housing office at the place of registration and write a statement according to the provided sample. Here will issue a notification of missing passports. Preferably in the same day to submit the application to the passport reissuance of passport, providing 4 photos 3,5x4,5 and receipt of payment of registration fee. At the same time the owner of the lost passport must apply in the newspaper about the disappearance of the document in the listing with their name, series and number of the missing passports. Asking for restoration of the passport's place of residence, must wait for the results of the finished document is made within 10 days from the date of submission to the Department of the FMS full package of documents.

To restore birth certificate

Contacting the Department of the Registrar to restore the registration certificate. Has been lost the certificate there and to ask for its restoration. Here it is necessary to write a statement sample, go put the original/copy of the passport and the receipt on state duty payment. To recover a lost document of the child's parents or guardians notarized power of attorney. A similar procedure is performed in case of loss of marriage certificate, only the documents of both spouses and stamp duty are payable with each. A duplicate of these certificates issued during the day.

To restore driver's license

In regional traffic police have to go beyond the restoration of a driver's license. Attach a medical certificate of health, two photographs 3,5 x4,5 and the examination card of the driver. To restore the certificate of registration of the vehicle you can refer to the territorial unit of the registration authority that issued the lost document.
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