Please note that the residential building can make the property only in the case when it issued the land. If it is located on forest lands, owned only the leasehold, in all other cases you should have the right of ownership to this land, confirmed by the document. You can register it right, starting the procedure of registration of land and buildings at the same time.
In the case where a parcel has the category of land intended for individual housing construction or conducting a personal part-time farms, in territorial body rosreestra you will need to submit the following documents:
the registration statement built homes;
- certificate of right of ownership to the land plot;
- cadastral plan of the site;
- title documents of the land and building (contract of sale, gift contract, certificate of inheritance);
- technical passport of the building issued by the technical inventory Bureau;
receipt confirming payment of the state fee.
If the category of the land on which the house is built, is defined as "agricultural land", "gardening", "for the construction of cottages", technical passport of the house is not needed. You need to take in bodies of rosreestra two Declaration to fill in. When the building is equipped with Autonomous systems of heat and water supply, Sewerage, to enter into service and to be registered in a simplified procedure, only if the listed documents.
Individual residential building located on the land intended for residential construction, which will connect to centralized systems of water supply and Sewerage, will have to register in the usual manner. This is due to the fact that the utilities need to be confident in technical serviceability of internal and external engineering systems of your home. First, you need to be in the bodies of architecture and urban development to permit the construction of residential houses, which is valid for 3 years and then, if necessary, extended. The project is single family homes, the height of which does not exceed 3 storeys not required. Upon completion, you will need to officially put it into operation, and submitting the decision of the local authority. To the above documents, you and apply this regulation to obtain a certificate of ownership.