You will need
  • - extract from the BTI with a detailed plan of the premises;
  • - receipt for payment of registration fees;
  • - the certificate on statement on the account in tax;
  • - passport;
  • - a document confirming the transaction with real estate (contract of sale, exchange, donation, etc.);
  • - statement of spouse consent to the transaction or a statement that the participant is not married.
Register right on residential real estate in the following cases:- inheritance; - purchase;- exchange;- donation;- housing;- in the absence of registration of the property in the unified state register;- the privatization or re-privatization of housing;- rent of premises for a period greater than 1 year. Governs the registration, the Law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it" and the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
For registration of your rights as a property owner, contact branch of the Federal registration service with the necessary documents and the application for registration (it will fill in the established form in the registration office). For the registration don't forget to pay a state fee and attach the receipt to the documents.
Usually the registration process takes quite a long time, as you will need to collect a large number of documents. Although after filing the certificate of state registration of right of ownership issued within one month. During this time, the Commission checks the documents for compliance, conducts examination to identify irregularities in the transfer of property, etc. If everything is in order, in a month you will be awarded the coveted certificate on the state registration right of ownership, and information about you will make in the Unified state register of rights.
The refusal to register is possible in the provision of wrong information, submission of incomplete package of documents, their wrong design, doubts about the authenticity of documents, arrest of the detected object and the ban on certain transactions with real estate.
If you are refused, appeal against the resulting decision in court. Usually these cases involved the court of arbitration. Refusal you will be notified on the day of its adoption in writing. The letter should include reasons for the refusal. If the cause of failure - lack of documents, collect all the missing paper and submit them again for registration.