It is most difficult to bring Auburn shade if you dyed your hair with henna. It is a means of natural origin, and the effect of the interaction with the dye composition is impossible to predict. So to change the color of hair will have the use of toning shampoos. They don't penetrate the hair, remaining on the surface, and chemical reaction with the henna does not occur. Of course, to completely change color in this case will not work. But to give ginger hair or ash blonde shade is possible. Only use shampoos will always have, as it keeps the new color before the first wash.
If you wanted to paint, and over time the hair got a red tint, then this, too, can fight. Get a special toning agent, having in its composition of violet color. He stoneroot how and your hair will become a beautiful silvery sheen. Only keep the part on the head need no more than a minute. Otherwise, instead of the silvery reflections of the you get a bright blue color.
When red color was the result of a botched dye, you can try to kolorirovanie hair again. Just wait two and a half weeks, so as not to injure tresses. To hide how you need to give your hair a more dark color. The darker the paint you select, the greater the probability that the red color persists.
If you bring a red colour alone is not possible - contact the beauty salon. Our experienced hairdressers will make you wipe out (a wash of paint). In this case, a special composition, similar to means for bleaching hair. Only with the help of it you can remove how completely. And a half - two weeks after the hair a little healing, you can dye your hair any color.
To coloring result was not a surprise for you, it is better to use the services of a hairdresser. Experienced masters know what the effect of paint on the various types of hair. In this case, you will be able to avoid unnecessary reddishness, you will have a guarantee that the hair will stain equally well, and so will be completely hidden. Therefore, if you decide to change dramatically, it is better to trust the professional stylists.