You will need
  • Means for decamerone, removers, professional paint of the desired shade, supra, professional hair dye with purple tint, green concealer, hair mask, lip balm hair care products.
If you have light shade of hair and, in spite of such manipulation, as a brightening or highlighting, still streaked red, it is best to just repaint the hair. How to do it correctly and what shade of dye to choose, you will advise your hairdresser.
In that case, if you painted in the dark color of the oxide dye, red tint can be removed by washing or clean the procedure decamerone. Then, you must dye your hair in the desired color.
If you have dyed hair toning shampoo or balsam, it is best to remove the red colour would suit the supra. But with the supra you have to be very careful. After all, it's chemistry and it is very harmful to your hair. After the supra is better not to dye my hair, and wait a few days. Then you can paint in the color you want.
You can also try to block the reddish tint to dark hair purple. It is necessary to choose professional paint dark color with a purple tint.
Another option is to remove red tide green color. It is better to carry out the procedure together with the master in the Barber shop.