The most simple, natural and least traumatic method is to wait until grow new hair and to cut off the dyed ends. But, first, such a method can take a very long time, and secondly, the natural tint is likely to be significantly different from the treated hair, giving the hair an unkempt and neglected appearance.
Better option to bring back your hair color after dyeing to resort to gentle dye close to your natural shade. If after repeated and years of coloring it's hard to remember what was a natural shade of hair, you can look at your eyebrows (if they are not painted) or to wait for regrowing hair roots. And already color the roots to match the paint.
This method uniform staining is well suited for brunettes and brown, previously osvetlenim hair. But blondes who want to go back from dark tones to natural, Golden or ash, is much harder. Re-painting will not give them anything because we need to find a way to go from dark tones to light. Variant with short hair too, not everyone's a pity to abandon long hair after a bad color.
In such a situation, you have two ways to regain blond hair. Shorter option: to contact the salon to make a special procedure washes of dye. In fact it's the same discoloration and also spoils the hair, but a good professional will be able to reduce the harm from this procedure to a minimum. Bleached hair is then painted in a tone close to a natural Golden, grey or light brown.
The second way of the return light hair is more troublesome and time-consuming, but less harmful for the scalp and hair follicles. It is a gradual periodic hair weave and coloring them bright "feathers". Any paint, even the strongest, eventually washed out, so the main goal of highlighting is to create a soft, imperceptible transition from dark tones to lighter without radical changes. Over time as regrowth of the roots and a light wash of paint, bright strands and feathers is more throughout the length of the hair. Thus there is a gradual replacement of a darker tone on the light.