Advice 1: What is remover for hair

Look every day the same — boring. Therefore, many women quite often experimenting with hair coloring, to add to the appearance of a little novelty. Radically change your hair color without first procedures.
What is remover for hair

What is a wash hair

In the Barber shop environment use the term "pickling". It is understood a special procedure and product used for hair care, subjected to unsuccessful staining. It is able to remove the pigment from the hair, restoring their natural color.

Often the pickling is used in the dissatisfaction of women with the result of the staining. Especially if the hair was dyed in dark color. When ladies desire to change the shade of hair, making them several shades lighter, you also need the remover. Sometimes the pickling is practiced in order to completely get rid of paint and return hair to its natural color.

Kinds of wash hair

Currently, the most widespread superficial and deep washes. Each of them includes a large number of oxidants and other chemical compounds that adversely affect the structure of the hair. What deep pickling can neutralize even the dark pigments, but it causes significant harm to hair.
Deep cleanser for the hair, contains in its composition of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

The procedure washes the cabin is quite fast and takes less than an hour.

Surface pickling is more gentle, but it is powerless if you wish to radically change the image, from brunette to blonde. However, it is able to align and to adjust a bit the color.

In any case, after the procedures of washing hair required extra care. It includes both vitamins and a variety of masks, balms, lotions, applied to the entire length of hair. But if the hair is too weakened after dyeing, it is better to wait with the wash.

Natural cleanser for hair

To get rid of some disliked color after coloring hair at home. One of the most accessible means is the yogurt. In a small container mix a liter of fermented milk beverage, 1 tablespoon salt and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Well suited for these purposes olive, burdock or castor oil. Apply the mixture on the hair. Wear a cap, wrap head with a towel and go for a hour. Then thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo.
You can use at home and professional hair remover, however it is safer to entrust this process to a stylist.

Of course, such a mask does not relieve completely of paint, but a little wash of pigment. If repeated periodically, it is possible to achieve hair lightening 1-2 pitch.

Advice 2 : How does the wash hair

The wash is called a special formulation which is intended for the procedure of decamerone. The procedure involves gently removing unwanted hair color.
Remover for hair

Principal washes

For the procedure of decamerone (bleaching) hair at home with salon terms used so-called washes. Modern acid preparations do not contain ammonia and therefore does not damage the natural pigment and the cuticle. Removal of color occurs in more sparing mode.

In fact, acid remover does not discolor the hair, and just draws from them a coloring pigment. But still the procedure of decamerone cannot be considered safe because of the deletion adequately resistant synthetic paint. Are popular natural washes, which are often used in the home. They cause minimal damage to hair.

The most popular natural absorbents are considered as almond, olive and burdock oil. Usually to oil is recommended to add a little brandy or beer and apply on hair for three hours. You will then need to carefully wash away the mixture with shampoo and rinse decoction of chamomile. Also rinse amiss water with lemon juice.

To mute the intensity of the color is often used a natural wash of yogurt. In principle it can be replaced with the yogurt. Remover is distributed over the entire length of hair and left for about an hour and a half. This procedure is best repeated several times in a week for maximum effect.

The principle of wash hair

When using acid or natural wash for hair, you can see the process opposite to the staining. Components which are part of such funds, penetrate deep into the hair. There, they break the connection between the structure of the hair and the molecules of the coloring means. The result is a colored partition of macromolecules into the original dyes. Usually part of any paint is from 2 to 6 such dyes.

Molecule wash-like envelop dyes, with the result that the latter is simply washed out of the hair structure. This is the principle of operation of any wash. Usually to achieve good effect we have to repeat the procedure decamerone repeatedly. Color removed three tones after each use wash.

More effective is considered a deep pickling, made in the cabin. This procedure uses a fairly aggressive paint strippers containing chemically active substances.
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