You will need
  • - wash the hair;
  • shampoo;
  • ink / toner / shampoo for hair.
Buy a special remover to remove paint

Need first to get rid of red pigment. If you are going to disguise in a blonde or blond, buy a whitening wash. At one time she bleached dyed strands, but will make them lighter than 4 shades. If you want to repaint red hair in a dark color, get an acid wash, it is more gentle than bleach.
Prepare the mixture and apply it on dry hair

Spread the remover over the entire length of hair. If roots appear with your natural color, you can not avoid coating them with a wash, because the modern means for removal of paint does not affect the natural pigment. After applying the mixture put on a plastic cap.
Hold the remover for 20 minutes

Do not leave on hair a wash for longer than 20 minutes because you can finally lose the healthy appearance of the hair. After the time rinse with warm water with shampoo. If the red color still remains some means to return the colors to allow you to re-apply the mixture on wet hair.
Apply on the head conditioner for damaged hair

In the future use various masks, creams and other remedies to nourish and hydrate the hair, because water highly damages their structure.
Strands color paint

It is better to apply the paint the next day after bleaching. If you want to repaint red hair in bright colors, it is possible to lighten their wash for best results. It is important to do a re-wash at intervals of not less than 2 weeks from the previous procedure, and then dye hair to the desired color. Paint take no ammonia or dyes tonics/balms.