Let's say that you dyed with henna. This paint is harmless, but it is almost impossible to wash off. Any chemical dye over henna can give a green tint. In this case, you need to make an oil mask. Oil pull henna out of hair. Apply warm olive oil on hair, put on a warming cap, after 2 hours, rinse. Or: wet the hair with alcohol or soak in hot water to slightly "loosen" the hair. Then do an oil mask, as mentioned above. Will also open the scales of the hair soap. After shampooing also essential oil mask.
You can try a mask of yogurt and yeast. To do this, 40 grams of yeast, mix in a Cup of yogurt, apply the resulting slurry on the hair for 2 hours. Sour cream also works.
In a basin with water and dissolve 3 tablespoons of vinegar. For 10 minutes hold in solution the hair, then rinse very well. Apply to hair strengthening conditioner.
Chemical staining is removed by chemical means. This so-called washes. They are produced by several firms, buy the one that suits you by the price and type of hair. They come with the effect of bleaching or acid, without perhydrol. To make the wash easy, though, to eliminate the red color will have to work hard, it is difficult to rinse:1. After mixing of compositions a wash and a hair apply very quickly, as after half an hour it loses its effectiveness. 2. Promazyvaya strand by strand, making sure every hair was covered and soaked up the remover as possible. 3. Do not keep more than half an hour – most effective, you will not succeed, because, again, the water loses its properties.4. Better after the procedure, wash your hair scrubbing the shampoo in hot water – the hotter the better. 5. Perhaps the procedure of washing need to be repeated several times until you achieve the desired result. Since the hair has undergone significant chemical effect will heal them after the procedure. If possible, some time don't tint them.