To wash away the red paint, purchase professional shopping tool for decopage or system correction (removal) colour. This products in its composition is very similar to means for bleaching hair. Buy paint remover for only the company whose dye you kolorirovanie hair. Otherwise, you will not only wash away the unnecessary tone, but also have a chance to be absolutely unexpected colors.
Very often the means for washing paint from the hair, like the paint itself, consists of several tubes with different composition. Before use read user manual and learn how to properly mix these ingredients.
Before starting the procedure be sure to wear rubber gloves on his hands. Most likely, you'll find them included with the means for decapage.
Drain together the compositions of the tubes several times and shake the bottle for better mixing.
Apply the mixture on dry hair. Better before the procedure 2-3 days to wash my hair. So your tresses will suffer the least damage.
Put on the head of a plastic cap to generate heat effect.
Keep the mixture on hair for 20-40 minutes, depending on the composition of the washes. The exact time specified in the instructions for use, which is bound to be in the box.
When the allotted time is over, wash your hair with shampoo. It is better to use a special tool to use after decopage. If you need you find, buy remedy for dry hair. Well it will wash hair structure, nourishes and strengthens damaged hair.
After that, be sure to use a conditioner or balm conditioner for coloured hair. And even better - apply a nourishing face mask.
There are folk remedies to wash a red paint. They help but not always. Harm no of course not, so you can first try them.
In order to wash away the red paint, apply hair oil. To keep it need 5-6 hours. Perhaps unnecessary color will not wash off at all, but your curls will get a great vitamin boost.