In order to wash off the paint, you should purchase a tool for decopage or system for the removal of color in a special shop. These products with properties very similar to means for bleaching hair. To buy wash better the company means which you previously dyed your hair. Otherwise, the paint will not only wash off, but will have a real chance to obtain a totally unexpected color to your hair.
Before you apply the cleaner ink with hair, you need to study the instruction on its application, because usually it consists of several tubes, and improper mixing can lead to undesirable consequences.
Getting started procedure, you must wear rubber gloves to prevent allergic reactions on the skin. Most likely, they'll are inside the box with the means for decapage. Mix compositions of all of the tubes, as indicated in the instructions and shake the bottle several times until a homogeneous mass.
Before decapado, within two or three days, it is not recommended to wash your hair, so your hair will suffer the least damage. Apply the mixture only on dry hair. After I applied the medication on your hair, cover head with plastic cap, creating this thermal effect. Usually this mixture is kept at the head of about twenty-five to forty-five minutes, it all depends on the composition of the washes. The exact time of the exposure tools on the hair is usually indicated in the instructions for use in the package.
After the required time will come, you need to thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo. It is better to use special means applied after decopage. If this means you will not be able to find in the store, then you can replace it with regular shampoo for dry hair. It will help you not only wash away the composition, but also to strengthen and moisturize damaged hair. Then you should use a conditioner or balm – conditioner for colored hair. And best of all after the procedure, apply a nourishing mask.
To wash a red paint you can also use folk remedies. However, they do not help as well as special drugs. But, unlike decapage harm from them you get. It is best for this purpose to use burdock. To do this, apply it to damp hair and leave on for about five or six hours. Perhaps unnecessary shade you do not flush it, but get the best vitamin nourishment of your hair.