The safest way to preserve the health of the hair during the makeover brunette to blonde is, of course, to gradually dye the hairin lighter tone without resorting to strong dyes. But many do not want to spend a lot of time and prefer one day to make such a transformation. First you discolor hairs, and then another, and paint. Get a double impact on hair, s chemicals. If you want to get rid of black hair, you can first wash this color and repaint in a lighter. Remover but stronger effect on the health of your hair, so this procedure barbers is recommended only in the most extreme cases.
How to wash <b>color</b> <strong>hair</strong>
Barbers distinguish staining, acid and natural wash for hair. If darkhairth girl wants to be a blonde is appropriate remover for hair with bleaching effect. She highlights the hair in four tones in one application. The procedure is only permissible after two weeks. The acid remover contains no ammonia and perhydrol. So it does not destroy some disliked the girl color her hair, and pulls the pigment, without touching the roots. During one session such washes can change the color by two tones. Natural cleanser for hair, without any chemical impurities, albeit in several stages, gradually, but as safely as possible for hair washes away a bad tone and at the same time acts as a nourishing and restorative mask. In the washes for the hair, include oil (burdock, almond, castor, olive). These washes evenly applied to dry hair, s over the entire length for two hours before shampooing, then wash off with warm water with lemon juice. It should be remembered that a wash can be done even at home, but she vysvetlit hairs only one tone.
How to wash <b>color</b> <strong>hair</strong>
Of course, nothing impossible in matters of beauty no longer exists today and can get rid of the black hair, but before you begin this procedure, be mindful of their health.