In our days, soap is used by some ladies as a home remedy to remove hair with chemical dye. Remember that any staining violates, in one way or another, the structure of the hair, so dye your hairyou as possible at the Barber shop.
Changing the color of hair at home, carefully follow the instructions supplied with the paint, and be prepared for the fact that the color may be not the one which you dream of. In particular, this applies to those girls whose hairyou were previously painted resistant dyes, henna or was discolored.
When bad staining, try to wash off the paint with the hair with soap. Despite the fact that it dries hairs, its a highly concentrated alkaline composition to clean the artificial pigment from the structure of the hair over several applications.
Use soap for washing color hair in the following way. Wash in the usual way. After that, liberally lather hairs soap. Leave foam on hair for 3-4 minutes, then rinse it with water. Already from the first time paint will start to slowly descend.
Make at a time several such procedures (3-4) if the attempted color is too dark. After that, rinse hairs weak solution of vinegar, to restore their Shine. Moisten the curls protecting leave-in cream.
Don't be surprised if after this procedure washes of color, your hair will become dull and dry. Soap acts aggressive on the structure of the hairand destroying its protective lipid layer, drying it from the inside. The scales of the hairand remain open, which gives hairam groomed appearance.
Carefully take care of hairAMI after using soap. Perfectly restore the structure of damaged curls daily yogurt mask or warm oil wraps. These funds not only moisturize and nourish, but also gradually pulling up the artificial color pigments from the hairand restoring their natural color, natural Shine and strength.
Use conditioner after every wash. Also, apply to damp hairyou leave-in cream to protect them from additional dryness after using soap.