If the process of clarification was carried out in a barbershop or salon, and as a result your hair bought the wrong color, which you repeatedly asked the master, ask in this case to make color correction or to insist on the return of the money paid.
When after bleaching the hair remains reddishness, the only reasonable solution may be a return to the original shade of your hair by dyeing. Paint you can also pick up some lighter natural color of your hair so that reddishness painted with completely.
If you previously dyed your hair in red or brown color, some particles of the paint may occur on the hair after lightening. In this case, you can save the wash, which you want to use before painting.
To dye the hair in ash color is also one of the options of getting rid of the reddishness. This cool color will neutralize the red shade and others like it. But this procedure must be performed by a professional who is well versed in the colors.
To remove how you can even try using a toning shampoo blue or purple palette. They wash the hair once a week to achieve a permanent effect.
Remember that if you happened to remove how the hair, it may appear again. One reason for this – chlorinated water. Bleached hair is better to wash with boiled water with the addition of a small amount of ammonia or a pinch of salt.