You will need
  • passport, paper, pen
Please contact the personnel Department at work. Employees working there should know the civil code, they will tell you what to do in this situation. The restoration of the birth certificate can be carried out without your participation – you will need only to write a statement and give it to the personnel Department. This, of course, ideal. Maybe have to run the chain of command itself. But do not worry, nothing wrong with that.
If you currently don't work, or if your HR Department doesn't want to have to recover from a lost document, you'll have to do it yourself. If you birth live in the same city, you should go to the district registry office, write down the statement and to wait, when there will be the restoration of a lost birth certificate. You will be called by a call or a notice in the mail.
If you moved from town to town, that's not too changed and remains the same a simple. You the same as in the first case, should go to the Registrar of the town where you live and leave a clear message with a request to restore a birth certificate and send you this important document. The Registrar must make a request to the city, where you have been issued a certificate with a request to send a new birth certificate instead of the lost document.
Once you get in the mail a notice from the Registrar's office with an invitation to receive a copy, you just have to take your passport and go to the Registrar. To do it for you, no one can, even the closest relative by proxy. The name of the Registrar who was doing the restore request your birth certificate will come in a certified letter with the new evidence. At the turnout and presentation of a passport the Registrar will verify all passport data, will check your application and give you hands on brand new birth certificate. Try not to lose!