Select the child name and surname (provided that the names of the parents are different) and patronymic (if a child draws a single mother). If the procedure for establishing paternity will not be instituted, the child is registered to the name of the mother. Information about the father in this case filled with her mother's words, or not filled at all. Single moms who want to establish paternity will have to pay the state duty in the amount of 100 RUB.
Come personally, in the registry office at your place of registration or place of birth. Or to the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation – if you are abroad. To yourself you must have a certificate from the hospital (or medical facility) established sample - her young mother be given at discharge. If the parents are legally married, to register the personal presence of only one of them. At itself it is necessary to have a marriage certificate and passport of the spouse. If the couple came together, a marriage certificate is not required. If the marriage is not formalized, it is to be present when registering the child needs both parents. If none of the parents (for whatever reason) personally can not attend, to register the baby issued a power of attorney to someone of his relatives or employees of the medical institution.
Please fill out the application form, which will be given in the office. Wait until the Registrar will check the correctness of your application and will review both documents. If everything is correct, you will receive a birth certificate for the child in his arms for about 10 minutes.
Keep as their own birth certificate and evidence of your children. If you have lost a document, contact the Registrar's office with the statement for the reissuance of a birth certificate. You need to have a passport and proof of name change (if it occurred). The results of repeated document will have to pay legal costs (100 rubles). To obtain a duplicate birth certificate will be in about a month.