Birth certificate of the child is a document on the letterhead A4 with a watermark and serial number. Filling the document is performed either manually or using typewriter or computer, be sure to ink black. Birth certificate of the child confirms the fact of his birth, it serves as a document proving his identity, nationality and the state registration in the civil registry. In addition, when the child reaches 14 years of age, on the basis of this document, issued by the passport of the Russian Federation.

What information is shown on the birth certificate

The form of the document the surname, name and patronymic of the child and his parents, place and date of birth, date of issue of the certificate and the place of registration, the data of the state authority which issued it. In the case where the parents are unmarried or a single mother, in the column "first name" shall bear the name indicated by the boy's mother.

Other information, such as, the nationality of the parents and of the child entered in the birth certificate only at the request of parents.

How and where to obtain birth certificate

Birth certificate of the child issued by a state body of registration of acts register (ZAGS) at the place of residence of the parents and baby. For registration of a certificate must provide a statutory package of documents that includes a certificate from the medical institution where the birth took place, a statement from the parents that their passports, marriage certificate. If the parents are not married, they should be in the registry office together to write a joint statement or one of them should provide power of attorney document from the absent person.

Fetching the first document of the child is given 2 months from the date of his birth. If deadlines parents appealed to the relevant authorities and issued a certificate, without explanation, they imposed a monetary fine for violation of the rules of registration of individuals.

How much time made birth certificate, parents to explain the place of its registration and issuance. In most cases the document is issued on the same day, no later than one hour after application. After the first and the main document baby, you can proceed to make his residence in the passport office at the place of residence of the parents, health insurance and pension certificate.