Advice 1: How to fix birth certificate

The first document received by the child's birth certificate. This document accompanies us all life. The passport also is issued based on the birth certificate. Life situations require the preservation of that document. But what to do if your birth certificate contains inaccuracies, if you need to change your last name, first name or patronymic? It is necessary to apply to the Registrar to correct the entries in the document.

How to fix birth certificate
You will need
  • Passport, birth certificate, Bank receipt of payment of the duty on the replacement birth certificate.
All your actions on correction of birth certificate should be held in accordance with article 70 of the law On acts of civil status".
If your birth certificate suddenly became useless (washed it in the washing machine or it tore), then you need to contact the registry office at the place of residence. There you write the application and pay the required fee in the Bank. The Registrar will give you a new instance of the broken document.
If you need to change the birth certificate name, surname or full names and last names, your actions should be similar to the situation described above: take in the registry office receipt, to pay it in the Bank (about 500 rubles) and to write the corresponding application to the Registrar.
If you want to change the name of the father or mother in the birth certificate, then refer to it in the body of the registry office which issued this document. If the book of records of acts of civil status are correct, the new birth certificate you will receive with no problems. If the correct entries in this book not, you will need to apply to the court at the place of residence with a statement of corrections to documents of the registry office.
The most difficult option if the birth certificate you need to put a dash instead of the name of the father. This correction is done through the courts at the place of residence. The basis for this correction in the birth certificate or is the consent of the father or the deprivation of its parental rights or the statement of the father that he father is not. This question is usually addressed for a long time.
Whatever the reason to amend the birth certificate, act according to the law. Check the documents received in the Registrar's office. Check every detail in the birth certificate of children. This way you save them from possible problems.

Advice 2 : How to amend a birth certificate

Finding inaccuracies or errors in the birth certificate, hurry to fix them. Time to revise the document, you will get rid of the problems associated with inheritance issues, obtaining passports, registration of pensions.
How to amend a birth certificate
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate and its copy;
  • - the original receipt about payment of state duty for making corrections and amendments to records of acts of civil status;
  • - a document confirming the grounds of any change or corrections.
Make a phone call to the Department of Registrar of where you received the certificate on birth. Let your request and check the necessary information about the possibility to make changes or corrections to the record of civil status act. Find out what time it will be possible to file such an application, specify the size of the state duty.
Come at the appointed time in a Department of the registry office, take your passport, certificate of birth and a copy of it. Write the statement to the supervisor about corrections or changes in record of civil status, enter the reason for the corrections or changes. Attach to the application a copy of certificate of birth, a document in which you need to make changes (for example, the act of paternity), the original receipt about payment of state duty.
Call in the registry office at the appointed time on the processing of your application. If the document is decorated, contact the office of the Registrar with a passport for his receipt. A new certificate of birth shall be issued in accordance with articles 72, 73 of the Federal law "On acts of civil status" for a period of from one to three months from the date of filing your application.
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