Contact the police division, which geographically belongs the address of your residence. Write a statement about loss of passport. For confirmation of the information you need to submit to the inspector any other document proving your identity: birth certificate, military ID or driver's license.
Getting a certificate in police, go to the local migration office (passporttion table). Write a letter to the head of the organization that you lost the ID, and specify a concurrent event of the circumstances. Attach a certificate of loss and take receipt for payment of the fine and registration fee.
Collect the documents necessary for registration of the new passport. You need to take an extract from the house register or a certificate in the administration of your registration. Take 4 photos size 3*4 cm - they can be color or black and white. Pay legal costs and fines for lost passport.
Don't forget about the documents based on which passportthe e grade is given in special notes. For example, a marriage certificate, divorce or military ID. People with children need to bring a certificate of their birth.
Refer again to the passporttion table with all the collected documents. Now you need to write a statement about what you need to recover the lost document. On written petition must sign the head of the passporttion of the table and put their mark on the fine inspector.
Bring the documents and the application to the appropriate Department of the organization. Ask about the recovery time of the document - this usually occurs within one month since the passport was lost.