According to article 9 of the Federal law "On acts of civil status" citizens have the right to re-certificate of registration of marriage, the so-called duplicate. To obtain a copy of the certificate entitled the person against whom was made the act of civil status. Also get a copy of the document can a Trustee in the presence of a notarized power of attorney to commit this action.
In order to obtain a duplicate of your certificate of marriage is enough to contact the registry office where the marriage was registered. There you will be asked to make a statement about re-issuing of the certificate on registration of marriage and pay the appropriate stamp duty. Then, in a day, you'll be able to re-witness in return lost.
The difficulty in this procedure arises usually in cases where you are geographically at a considerable distance from the registry office where they registered their marriage. In this case, the application for restoration of certificate of marriage will be required to send mail. The statement must include the full name of the spouses, date and place of registration. In addition, the statement will require the current address and the address of the nearest to the place of residence of the registry office. It to your nearest registry office and will be sent a copy of the certificate on registration of marriage, where you can obtain it by presenting an identity card. On your residential address you will be sent a notification about the fact of sending copies of the document.
Please note that to obtain a copy of the document can only under the current civil status, that is, if the marriage was terminated to obtain a duplicate certificate is impossible. In this case, you can offer to prepare a certificate-a statement confirming the marriage registration at the relevant period.