Any lost document can be recovered by spending some time and paying the fee. But do careful searching first, check all the places where you store documents, maybe you just moved somewhere that testimony. Or try in good agreement with the former spouse, make sure you restore the document, and this stubbornness puts him in a very negative light.
If not to find evidence, nor agree with the former half failed, you must contact the civil registry office at the place of residence or the place of registration of marriage with a written statement about the results of a copy (duplicate) of the certificate. The statement include: the names, surnames, patronymic of each spouse at the time of divorce, as well as where and when the divorce was registered. Within the time provided by law, the registry office must give you a copy of this document.
Often this situation arises: one of the former spouses died. His relatives or heirs should obtain a duplicate of the certificate of divorce to address issues related to inheritance. How to be in this case? The list of persons entitled to obtain a duplicate copy of the certificate of dissolution of marriage, defined by the Federal law №143-FZ "About acts of civil status" dated 15.11.1997 g.
If you status is in the list, you should contact the Registrar's office with a written statement, to which you must attach copies of documents confirming your relationship to the deceased. If you for some reason difficult to do so, you can charge the obtaining of the duplicate certificate to any adult able-bodied citizen (e.g. your lawyer), but in this case he shall, in addition to the above copies of documents to have your notarized power of attorney.