If you work in a large company, and you have a knowledgeable and competent chief of staff, just ask him. Chief of staff knows the whole civil code, knows all the rules you need to follow. In the ideal case, the head of the personnel Department will prepare and send a request for recovery of your birth certificate. You will only need the statement.
If it doesn't have a competent HR officer, you will have to do everything yourself. But that's not hard. If you were born and live permanently in the same town, will not be easy to restore the lost document. You need to contact the city office civil registry office of your city, to write a statement and in a few days or weeks of lost document to restore, and you will be given a new birth certificate.
If you have changed your place of residence, a birth certificate is lost and you must restore a lost document, you need to contact the inspector of registry office in the city where you live. In the registry office to write a statement about the recovery and expulsion you the duplicate birth certificate. The Registrar to properly and correctly write the query in another town and send it to the Registrar at the place of issuance of the original birth certificate.
Few weeks will come a duplicate birth certificate by registered mail to the address of the registry office of your city. To your address will be sent a notice and invitation to duplicate. The recovered document is issued in person in the city office civil registry office of your city, when you need to produce your passport.