The first step to achieving this goal is the determination of the degree of kinship. You should know exactly what you have desired relative, do you have any common ancestors, which line (maternal or paternal) you are blood people. Better to make General genealogical scheme, where mark names and dates (birth and death). With such, fairly complete, information will be easier to navigate and to explain the desired specialists.
Next, prepare a list of documents required to prove family relationship. It can be the birth certificate of brothers, sisters, parents, as well as documents reflecting the change of name on various grounds.Depending on the specific situation, needed documents, establishing a blood bond, also are certificates issued by registry offices or other organizations that have this information. Here are the entries in the passports of the wife, house, books, etc. The finding of a relationship needs to be confirmed by a set of specific documents.
If the sources are lost, to restore them you should contact the authorities, the historic departmental archives or the place of birth and residence desired family. Upon your written request to begin the search proving their relationship certificates. Requests are a legal document of some form filling. Clearly and briefly describe therein all the information, your mailing address and phone number. Attach all necessary copies of your documents of identity. If the Agency is in the nearest location and submit the request personally (on receipt in the receipt). In the reverse situation – by registered mail.Note that the archival search for evidence of family ties does not give you 100% guarantee of positive result. Some information may simply not saved.
If you contact the archives to obtain the required documents you failed, and in case of insufficiency of the evidence supporting the relationship or to eliminate essential legal facts (family and marital relations, the fact of certain events, dependency, etc.) to apply to the court.The application for establishing the fact of relationship serve in your place of residence. It will include copies of the death certificate of a relative and a certificate of residence, certificate from the notary about the acceptance of the inheritance (in the cases of hereditary cases) and other documents confirming ties of blood. It is advisable to add a statement of the genealogical scheme.
After acceptance of the case by the court continue to gather evidence of kinship. Besides the certificates issued by civil registry office, can be obtained and other claim facts confirmation. These include the testimony and written evidence.Testimony invite the most diverse people. The most valuable are the total relatives. Next come relatives of both sides, neighbors, friends and other persons.If necessary, the issuance of written evidence, stated in court the petition for receipt in establishments of the documents that you are not able to acquire independently. The organizations of this type include: housing authorities at the place of residence of the relative, his place of work and bodies of the passport and visa service. Evidence represent an extract from the house register, a copy of the financial account, the card owner, the documents and information of the replacement of the passport. Documents from the workplace are autobiographies, questionnaires in which the workers usually list their relatives.As you can see, set or confirm the presence of relationship thing is sometimes not easy, and often not fast. Please be patient. In order to understand it and to gather all the necessary information will require a considerable amount of time and effort.