In bodies the registry office are stored Assembly books, which consist of the first copies of the records of acts of civil status. Such books shall be kept at the place of registration for 100 years. After this period, the Assembly of the book are transferred to the state archives.
If necessary, retrieve the information from the Assembly books or duplicate previously issued certificate, the bodies of the registry office can be contacted with the request. The simplest situation is when you can be in body the registry officethat holds the Assembly book with the information you need. In this case, you will need to provide identity documents and the right to receive relevant information (for example, if a woman has lost the birth certificate, you will need to submit, in addition to the passport, and marriage certificate which shows her maiden name).
If the authority of the Registrarwho performed the check, geographically removed from the place where the applicant resides, is a written request indicating the nearest to the applicant on the Registrar and request to send the nearest on the Registrar the required information and documents.
The prescribed request form in bodies the registry office does not exist, although the Internet is easy to find a sample template on which you can write a query. After the closest on the Registrar's office will receive documents from the remote on the Registrar, the applicant will be able to get them with the provision of the aforementioned documents.
In accordance with article 333.26 of the tax code, for re-issuance of the certificate of state registration of civil status act shall be paid state duty in the amount of 100 rubles, and for the issuance of certificates from the archives of bodies the registry office - 50 rubles.