You will need
  • telephone, own passport and birth certificate, proof of name change (if any), medical certificate of cause of death.
For the restoration of the death certificate need to call in a district (city) Registrar and find out the mode of operation, and adopted for such applications days. Do not forget to specify the location of the organization.
Decide what kind of document is needed. You can provide a certificate or re-certificate and a copy of the corresponding record in acts is given only by the referee's decision.
Secondary document in accordance with the relevant article of the Federal Law, may be issued to a close relative of the deceased. To confirm consanguinity will need birth certificate and change of name (if any). If you are not a direct relative, and, say, the grandson, it is necessary to submit to the authorities or a power of attorney from the direct descendant of, or evidence of his demise.
Be prepared to provide a notarized copy of the conclusion of the doctor about the type of death – violent or health.
While in another city you can send a request with complete information with a request to send the desired death certificate at the local registry office. Thus it is necessary to indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the applicant, his exact address (with correct zip code), passport data (indicating the series, number, date and issuing organization), surname, name and patronymic of the one to issue the death certificate and the purpose of the receipt of the document. Below to sign a paper signature.
Also you be obliged to pay the state fee for the additional work of civil servants.
For the restoration of the death certificate, which was issued by an unknown Registrar, it is sufficient to send a request to any district office, and they, after checking their records, will automatically direct the request to the city.
Specify either the registration date or year. The employee looks at the historical data for six years (3 years before and 3 after the specified date by the applicant).
Note that the book is stored in registry office 75 years after their data is sent to the regional city archives, 20-x – 30-ies of the XIX century were recorded by the village Council, and before the revolution, the Church. That is where we must look for information.