You will need
  • - statement
  • - documents proving your relationship with the deceased
  • - excerpt from the book
  • - certificate of payment of state duty
Go to the housing office at the place of residence of the deceased or at the place of his last stay and take the excerpt from the book, this is the case if the document was lost during the fire.
Go to the Department of registration of acts of civil status (registry office) and write a statement according to the pattern in which you specify that you need a duplicate of the death certificate, your passport details, family ties and purpose for which you need the document.
Pay the state duty provided by law in case of restoration of civil status documents in the savings Bank and take the receipt to the records of acts of civil status.
Send your request to the Registrar in writing, in case you live in another city or are not able to contact the office of registration of acts of civil status in person.
Come to the governing body of records of civil status at a previously agreed day, in order to get a document requested by you in the application.