Registration of birth occurs in the Department of the registry office in your area. For the procedure you must submit the following documents:

- a certificate of birth from the hospital;
- passport of father and mother of the child;
- marriage certificate (if any).

The father and mother, lawfully married to each other, parents are recorded in the birth certificate of the child. It is sufficient Declaration of one of them. Information about the child's mother is recorded in the act on the basis of information from the hospital, the same information about your father from the marriage certificate of the parents.

If the parents are married are not, you need their physical presence. Information about the father in this case made from the record of the act of establishing paternity, or for statement of the child's mother, if paternity is not established. Also at the request of the mother, this information can not be made.

When registering the birth of a child is given a name by the name of his parents. The name of the child is recorded by the decision of the parents.

The deadline for submission of application for a certificate of birth is established by the law of the Russian Federation not later than one month from the date of his birth. Despite this, the act provides for the registration of a child under the age of majority, subject to the availability of the document in the prescribed form (certificate of birth).

The loss of a medical certificate, before the child turns a year, based on the application of the new issued marked "Duplicate", and produced the birth record at the request of parents at the registry office. In the absence of any reference birth registration of the child has reached the age of one year or more is made in connection with the decision of the court for establishing the fact of birth.

With a birth certificate at the registry office you will be given a certificate to receive child allowance, the validity of which is six months. If you register a child before he turns six months, then in the future are guaranteed to receive child allowance.