If you bought a defective product, do not delay his return, hastened to the place of sale. And don't forget the check. This is the main and the most important document confirming the fact of sale of substandard goods. But what if the check is lost? To defend their case will be much harder, yet it's real.
Remember that when you return faulty goods receipt is not required. The fact confirming the purchase of goods, except cash receipt apply receipt to the credit cash order, a technical certificate, properly executed, manual, packaging and other documents that may contain information about the seller, value of the goods and the date of its acquisition.
If any of the above documents are not preserved, or packaging, for example, contains guidance on this seller, you can ask witnesses to confirm the purchase. So a shopping trip with your friends or relatives is very useful thing.
Difficulties may arise when returning low-quality food. Particularly difficult is to buy low-quality dietary products on the market. Spoiled and stale food purchased in the market are unlikely to be able to return to the seller to exchange for high-quality, and especially with the aim to return the money. But the return of such products in a shop or supermarket. There you are obliged to exchange the goods, although the refund is extremely rare.
Going to the place of purchase, do not be lazy and read the "law on the protection of consumer rights". So you will have an idea about what the sellers owe and what you have right in this area. When returning faulty goods, please contact first to the salesman who sold you the product. If he refuses your demand, feel free to contact the General Manager, the store Manager or his Deputy.
If you failed to find the truth in store, please contact the Organization to protect the rights of consumers. But before that, get to your place of purchase motivated refusal of a refund or exchange of goods.