If you are sold a faulty product, you have the right to ask a question about the replacement or refund to the seller, the manufacturer or service center. If you decide to contact the seller, i.e. to return the goods in the store, this action in legal language qualifies as a termination of the contract of purchase and sale. From the seller you can also require free elimination of the detected shortcomings, a reduction in the purchase price of the goods proportionally to their severity, indemnity costs of their removal, replacement of the product for the same.
Write the application addressed to the Director of the storeand, which ask to return money paid for the product amount. Don't forget to write your passport details, postal address, contact numbers and email address.
The text of the statement, which is written in any form, please indicate when the item was purchased, and give it a full name, brand or article. You can not make a check, but to mention that he has as proof of purchase. Specify what the flaws were discovered and ask them to cancel the agreement of purchase and sale, and return you paid for the goods amount. Refer to article 4 of the law, according to which the seller is obliged to sell the goods of appropriate quality to comply with current standards or the terms of the contract.
Specify how you this amount should be returned to: to give by cash in the shopand to transfer to the account or postal order. If you specified a personal account, then carefully copy in the text of the statement by all the Bank details: full name of account, BIC, TIN, correspondent account number and your personal account.