Cool the burn with ice or substitute it under a stream of cool water to stop tissue damage. Remember, do not compromise the integrity of the blister at home, this will pave the way for the germs! Moreover, this procedure is very painful. If the bubble is large and located in the open area of the body, treat it with a solution of potassium permanganate. It will have a sterilizing effect and will make the thin skin of the blister rougher.
Cover the injured area with a sterile bandage or gauze soaked in novocaine. This will help to relieve severe pain and without pain to hold a follow-up treatment of burns.
Apply to the wound with antimicrobial ointment with panthenol. If possible, use the spray with the same active substance, it is better to give preference to him. When applied, there is no hand contact with the burn, therefore the risk of infection is extremely low.
Use a piece of aloe to accelerate healing of burns. For this release the fleshy leaf of a plant from the skin and apply it to the wound. This method is good if the home kit was not a special burns means.
Apply on the affected place with vitamin E, it helps to prevent scar formation. They can not be used to cool the burn, as it comes in the form of oil. And the oil, the heat of the hot damaged tissues, can make the burn more painful and deep.