What kind of oil was used to treat burns?

The most common oil that can be used as a cure for burns of the first degree, is chamomile, sea buckthorn, lavender, eucalyptus, fir and tea tree oil.

If you had a sunburn, okay calm the skin bath (some baths with a break of 3 hours) with the addition of 6 drops of chamomile oil. For medicinal baths child you can mix 4 drops of chamomile oil and some almond.

Lavender oil – a good remedy for burns (including chemical) and stages, easily penetrates the skin due to the simple structure of the molecules. It can lubricate the damaged areas, after washing them, and also to make lotions and bandages. The latter is necessary to change every two hours. If the burn is mild, it is possible to prepare a special lotion, mix a Cup of vegetable oil with 10 drops of lavender oil, half Cup of vinegar and 1 tsp. of a 5% solution of iodine.

40% tea tree oil can lubricate the burned area and the skin around it (without open wounds), pre-wash them with very cold water for 2 minutes. This procedure is recommended twice a day. If you had a sunburn, you can add a few drops in almond oil or vegetable oil with vitamin E, and this mixture to RUB the burnt skin twice a day.

Good for burns, lotions of solution of eucalyptus oil. To make it easy - you need 30 ml of oil, pour 100 ml of boiling water and allow to cool. Applying the impregnated swab it burnt the skin quite often.

Sea buckthorn oil is especially effective in case of burns with hot water. It is applied using a sterile cloth to dry the cleaned affected area of the skin. It is also possible frequent wetting the burnt places the oil with a napkin.

Features the use of essential oils for burns

Sea buckthorn oil should not be applied to broken skin, if it formed ulcers. The essential oil in large quantities can cause chemical burns because it is necessary to monitor their dosage and concentrations. Should not take essential oils inside, and also to prevent getting them in the eyes.

Essential oils can cause allergies, especially in people with sensitive skin, because it is necessary to check their presence. On clean skin of the inner surface of the hand is applied to a 2-5% solution of oil.