You can help your throat as follows:Eliminate from your diet of spicy and acidic food. Everything you eat must not be hot or cold. Food should be a comfortable temperature for your throat.
Do not eat roughage, which can cause additional damage to the mucosa. Drink broth, eat mashed food.
Try not to strain your throat. Speak softly, don't try someone shout.
Ensure the room where you are, wet and clean air. You can use a special humidifier or put under the bed a bowl of water and radiators hang damp towels. More often to spend damp cleaning.
Do inhalations with essential oils, various herbs, or just inhalation of hot mineral water. They will soothe the throat and will provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.
Gargle with infusions of chamomile, Linden, St. John's wort, a solution of propolis as often as possible. You can prepare a rinse by adding a Cup of warm water spoon of salt, spoon of baking soda and a drop of iodine. Good effect gives rinse beet juice.
Brew yourself a Cup of tea. Add a spoonful of honey and lemon juice. Tea can be green or grassy. Try not to let go of the Cup with the same tea, taking small SIPS. Honey have antiseptic, soothing and healing effect, while lemon is rich in vitamin C, providing a restorative effect.
Do yourself a treat, rubbing the lemon peel and mixing it with honey. Eat this sweet little spoons. Before swallowing, hold it in mouth until dissolved.
To restore the mucous throat will help a glass of mulled beer. Warm beer will improve blood circulation in the mucous membranes, which will stimulate them to heal, and brewer's yeast have expectorant action.
If you are not able to sit at home and apply all the proposed remedies, that, at least, suck on hard candy with extracts of eucalyptus, lime, honey and lemon.