You will need
  • - oak bark;
  • - gauze;
  • - the urine;
  • - interior lard;
  • spruce oleoresin;
  • - beeswax;
  • - lime.
Oak bark is a great remedy for many troubles, so it just need to have in the home medicine Cabinet. Not wasting any time when you burn, prepare the following decoction: take a tablespoon of oak bark and pour a glass of boiling water, put on the stove and simmer for eight minutes. Strain the cooled broth and moisten it a piece of gauze, apply to the affected burn the skin. Three or four times a day to change the lotion, leave the compress on the night, tie a bandage. This method also works well with sun burnH.
If you receive a burn, immediately dip the burnt surface of the skin in cold water, hold ten to fifteen minutes. Then apply a gauze dressing, keep in mind that the bandage should be sterile. Call an ambulance, because in severe cases you may need skin grafts. In any case, do not apply ice to the burnt site, this can lead to necrosis of cells and as a consequence no recovery of the skin in the future.
Upon receipt of the burn begin to act immediately. If he struck a small area of the surface of the skin, use the old folk remedy – the urine. It is considered an excellent remedy for burns, in the composition of urine includes a bile acid, which breaks down and absorbs the damaged cells of the skin, and urea, possessing antiseptic properties. Soak a gauze bandage in the urine and apply on the burned surface, periodically moisten the bandage, do not let it dry. Even with a strong burnx urine prevents the formation of scars on the skin.
Prepare at home burn ointment. To do this, mix one hundred grams interior lard, one hundred grams of spruce gum and one hundred grams of beeswax. Put the mixture heated on a water bath, boil. Gently wash the wound with lime water (to prepare, dissolve a tablespoon of lime in a liter of lukewarm water) and apply a gauze bandage with ointment prepared. Even the most severe wounds heal after three to five such procedures.