Advice 1: How to remove black list number in the phone

If you need to protect yourself from unwanted incoming calls and SMS messages, use the service "the Megaphone" called "Black list". First service to be connected, then configure. By the way, the roomslisted in the list can be removed at any time (all at once or separately). But about all under the order.
How to remove black list number in the phone
First you need to decide which way to activate the "blacklist" on your mobile phone. You can dial, for example, USSD-dial *130# to call the information and referral service short number 0500, and to send an SMS without text to number 5130. Two or three minutes after sending a request for one of these numbers the operator will send you a message that the service "Black list" were ordered, and later you will receive an SMS stating that the service has been successfully activated. You will then be able to edit your list (to add rooms or delete them).
For entering the desired numbers to the list you must dial a USSD-command *130*+79XXXXXXXXX# where +79XXXXXXXXX is the number of the person you want to ignore. Add "Black list" of rooms and other method: simply send the "+" symbol and telephone number (by the way, specify the number in international format 79xxxxxxxx).But to remove each room separately, there is only one team - *130*079XXXXXXXXX#. If you need to remove all numbers from the "Black list", then use the USSD-request to number *130*6#.
After editing the list, you can browse it. To do this you have to dial *130*3# and press the call button. In addition, it is possible to send an SMS-command "INF" short number 5130.As soon as the need for the use of the service will disappear, you can disable the "Black list" with all of the same room 5130 (send a text message with the text "OFF") or USSD-command *130*4#.
In addition to these steps, you will need to perform another thing: to use the service "Black list" check the status of your personal account, make sure there is enough money. Keep in mind that for the first activation, the operator removes from the account of 15 rubles, and for the re - 10 rubles. Disabling and editing the list is free and the monthly fee would be 10 per month.
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By the way, to manage the service you can also and in system "Service-Guide".

Advice 2: How to remove activation

During the installation of Windows XP on your computer you will be prompted to enter a product key to activate your copy of the system. If you refuse it during the main installation process, then during operation the computer system will regularly inform you about the necessity of the activation process. To get rid of the annoying jumping of the Windows, you need to edit the system registry and deactivate the alerts feature.
How to remove activation
You will need
  • Computer with operating system Windows XP.
Load Windows in safe mode. To do this, restart the computer if it is already running. During the restart process, press the F8 key repeatedly. In the “advanced options Menu Windows boot, select “Safe mode”. Log on to the administrator. A message will appear that Windows is running in safe mode. Agree with the system by pressing “OK” (otherwise, run system restore).
Click “start” at the command prompt type “regedit“ click “OK”.
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents. Double-click on the OOBETimer registry entry. Replace opened a series of numbers and letters to "FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD" and click “OK”.
Right-click on the folder WPAEvents and choose “Permissions”. Disable full access to the system by placing a tick in the top right corner, and click “OK”. System notifications about the activation of Windows will be deleted.
To check you can go to the activation wizard, which will tell you that Windows is already activated.
Despite the fact that the process of deaktivirati Windows alert it is possible to spend in the normal computer mode, it is still recommended to hold it in safe mode (Safe mode).
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