You will need
  • - passport
The main reason for today's mobile operator can block a phone number is its prolonged disuse. The company "MegaFon" such a period is six months. If during this time the balance of your accommodation will not be transfers of funds or execution of paid calls and SMS messages, SIMcard will be blocked by the operator.
In the case of blocking a phone number a subscriber needs to contact the nearest office of the cellular operator where to contact the Manager of the company. Explain to the employee the nature of your problem, to be sure, pretend that you are in disbelief this is happening. In order for your phone number has been restored, give the Manager his passport. After your verification you will be issued a new SIM card with the current on her old phone number. However, not all mobile subscribers can get their phone numbers after their lockout.
Since blocking your phone number it may take a while, during which you should contact your mobile operator. If at the expiration of the period you have not applied for the recovery room, he is automatically assigned to another SIM card and sold to another person. After this return telephone number cannot, except by referring to his new owner and agreed with him.