Lock the phone for the operator designed to protect your phone from using your phone in a network other than the original. In this case, the inclusion of the phone with the "foreign" SIM card unlock code is requested, otherwise the phone is locked and unusable. Refer to the mission statement using the pins located on its official website. The address of the site you can find on the packaging from the SIM card or by using the search engine by typing its name. Provide the imei number of the phone, as well as all additional information that may be required. You can also deal with this kind of protection as locking device. It is designed to save the personal files stored on the phone safe in case of theft or loss of phone. In this case, the inclusion of the phone will be prompted to enter a password that must be entered to unlock. To reset it you can use the code reset code or reset the firmware. The first code will reset all settings to the original, while the second would lead to the loss of all your data stored in the memory of the phone. Contact the manufacturer of your phoneby providing the imei code and any additional data that may be required.To protect the SIM card, without which the use of cell phone cannot use the pin that blocks it. In case you forgot the pin code, use the Pak code. You will be able to find it on a plastic box from SIM card. If you are unable to use this method, please contact the office of the operator. Provide your passport data and additional data to be requested. You will be given a new SIM card to replace the old. Thus you save assigned to you cell number, but all your data stored on the old SIM card will be lost.