Take advantage of the online store "MegaFon to recover the SIM card. To do this, go to the link If you are already registered in the system, you can simply enter your username or e-mail and specify the login password. If you visit this resource first, then on the right you can see the registration form, which requires information of your e-mail, password and name.
Click the "Save . A window will appear to order the recovery of lost SIM card. If you choose not to register in the online store, you can simply click under the login form button "to Continue , which will also lead you to the page replacement SIM card.
Fill out the form. Mandatory lines are highlighted in yellow. You must specify the surname, name, patronymic, number of the lost SIM card and telephone number. If it was lost also and mobile phone, you need to put the appropriate checkbox. Passport details and residential address may not specify, but they still need to present after you will contact the company "the Megaphone .
Click "Send the order and confirm the correctness of entered data. You will then receive an order number, which must be maintained. Within three working days after registration of the application for restoration you will be contacted by the employee "Megaphone and will discuss the details of the delivery of a new SIM card.
Call *123# and find out your nearest office address of the company "the Megaphone . Also, this information can be viewed on special map on the website of the operator Please contact the office and inform about the desire to recover a lost or non-working SIM card. Fill out the questionnaire and in the near future will get a replacement.