To restore a SIM card, use the online store "MegaFon", the address First time visiting the site, on the right you will see a registration form. You need to enter your e-mail, password, name and surname. After registration it is enough to log in using e-mail and password.
Click the "Save" button, a window will appear with the electronic form of ordering. Make a request for recovery umerennoi SIM card. If you choose not to register, the order can also be issued. Under the login form click the "Continue" button and it will bring you to the same form of electronic ordering.
Fill out the form. Required fields highlighted in yellow indicate the surname, name, patronymic, telephone number that you want to recover and other contact information. In the case of loss or mobile phone, you must mention this too. In electronic form, the passport data can be omitted, but in this case, when you call the operator, you will need all the data to give him.
Click the "Send order". Carefully check all data entered and confirm. After sending you will receive an order number, which must be preserved to facilitate identification. Very soon, within three business days, you will be contacted by the employee "Megaphone". After discussing the details you will be sent a new SIM card.
If you need to go through the recovery process cards offline, you must check your nearest store "MegaFon". Call *123# and find out details. There is also a special card shops Contact point service with a wish to restore the lost or non-working card. After filling out the proper paperwork you will be given a new SIM card.