Send a TEXT message with a code 41 to number 000105 (for Moscow and Moscow region) to unlock access to the "Service Guide".
Send the same code to a specified number and for the password to access the system. Access is via a special section of the site "MegaFon" and the charges for messages sent to the number 000105, is not charged.
Use the number 500 (for mobile) 502-5500 or (landline) within the Moscow region to obtain a password through the customer service of "MegaFon".
Dial 555 from your mobile to self-assign a password and follow the voice prompts. The password must be from 4 to 7 digits.
Contact customer service of the operator to unlock the service and execute disable password room 500.
Redo the procedure for obtaining a password.
Select the optimal level of access to the system: "Service Guide: preview, a Service Guide: Managing subscriber" or "Service Guide: account Management.
Enter "Service Guide: view to the possibility of obtaining complete information about your account. After login user can see your real status (active, voluntarily locked or blocked by the operator), to obtain information about the tariff plan selected and the amount of time remaining, as well as all the connected services.
Select "Service Guide: Managing subscriber" to be able to change the tariff plan, suspend service on your phone and order various services.
Select "Service Guide: account Management in the presence of a contract, a personal account which provides for the possibility of multiple subscribers. This level of access, you can get information about the current balance, the status of all subscribers ' accounts, connected services and made payments. Also provides for the possibility of self-making conditional payments, the change of tariff plan and value added services, order a monthly invoice and call detail records.