In order to unlock the phone, use the special software. Pre-sync your phone with your computer and run the program. Depending on the popularity of your phone, you can go from one to three hours to search for the necessary programs, and up to half an hour to unlock.
Reflash the phone. In some cases, flashing dostatono in order for the phone to work on another network. Use the "clean" version of the firmware and be sure to save the original firmware in case of incorrect operation the new. You can download and firmware, and special programs in the Internet due to the fact that the actions of the firmware are personal initiative of the owners of the phones, these files are freely available.
Contact the operator that locked your cell phone. Explain the situation to him so that you within any time you will need to use a different SIM card. Request the unlock code. After you receive the unlock code, insert another SIM card into the phone, then enter the code into the appropriate field when you are prompted about the unlock code.