Self made suspenders for trousers can not do cheaper factory, but they will certainly be exclusive.

What you will need to make braces for trousers?

For the manufacture of suspenders will need a special rubber band. It is of various widths, so when buying it is important to consider this parameter is that the set of things you intend to use this accessory. For children's braces needed a narrower band than that which is used in products for adults.

You will need to buy special accessories: fasteners for trousers 4 pieces and detail, which will connect both lines of the suspenders at the back. In addition, you will need thread, a color that would blend in with the chosen gum. If the accessory for women or child, it can be decorated with rhinestones, chains, studs, and other decorative products.

How to make suspenders for trousers?

To determine the required length of the rubber bands for braces in two ways. If possible, take a tape measure and measure the person who is to receive the product from the back of the waist line, shifted to the right side, over the shoulder to the waist line, shifted to the left side. That is, as will be worn with suspenders. Then cut a piece of elastic that length, which is obtained by taking measurements, and trying on, pull it so that the person can comfortably move.

The second method is used when there is no possibility to get the desired indicators by measuring with measuring tape. In this case, you can use any thing that will give an idea of the distance from the waist to the shoulders of the person who sew for braces. Finding the right length, it takes 7.5 cm and cut two pieces of gum.

The next step is fastening metal hooks for pants. For this each of them put on the rubber band, wrap it end on 1.5-2 cm and sew. In the end it should be two parts of equal length, each with two mounts.
Further, braces are placed obliquely relative to each other so that the point of intersection was located in the middle of the back.

The location of the rubber bands to fix with a few stitches. Then lift the stitch on the sewing machine in place of their intersection so as to obtain a diamond. The string that braces were bonded, remove the fitting and produce the finished product. If you wish, it is decorated with different decorative elements.