You will need
  • - old pants;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - threads;
  • details for the decorations(sequins, ribbon, lace, etc.)
Strut stepper and medium seams and remove all the crawl thread. Wash and dry old jeans. Outwrite the resulting workpiece through wet cheesecloth. All frayed seat seams it is desirable to cut off, otherwise in a new product, they risk to unravel after the first washing. You can cut the excess fabric from the seam or putting one detail to another, just sew them. If the width of the skirt after that will not be enough, you need to insert a wedge.
Determine the length and model of the future skirt. Lay the workpiece on the table. Sametime and run the middle seam. If the skirt is quite short and it is planned, will be sufficient to cut off the leg and treat the lower cut (be sure to leave 2-3 cm at the finish). Can also fluff up the denim hem fringe, sew flounce, braid or lace.
If you plan to make the skirt long, you need to insert a wedge. It is possible for this purpose to carve out pieces of the cut leg or to choose a different fabric. Wedge looks like a triangle. Well look panels of translucent fabric, linen, corduroy or velvet. Take a wedge of the desired size. Vmlite it and try the product. Sew seams and finish on the serger or stitching "zigzag" edges.
If the skirt turns out narrow, be sure to leave the slits. To perform them on your side or on the front of the skirt. The edges of the incisions treat the lace or decorated with fabric from which you cut the wedge.
Can decorate the resulting product with embroidery or braid. Optional pristrochite on fabric applique, embroider the ornament with beads or ribbons. If the fabric has bald patches or spots, close them by drawing using special paints for fabric.