You will need
  • The tape, pen, paper, chair, ribbon.
For a start it is desirable to completely get rid of clothing. Ideally, the measurements for the pants are removed in their underwear, as otherwise the measurements may not be correct.
Take a pen and a piece of paper on which you write down all the measurements. It is desirable to draw a table with two graphs in one column you write down the letter designation of the measured part, the other direct measurements.
Waist should tie the braid to highlight it, this will help to avoid inaccuracies in the measurements. The braid knot is not tight and to feel comfortable.
Take the measuring tape and measure the waist on top tied with tapes, the result divide it by two and record in table, denoting the letters of the Pot (poluobhvat waist).
Measure around your hips. The tape passes through the bulging areas of the hips, then at the level of the desired length of fold. At the level of the abdomen, under the cm put the hand, to account for the pattern of the size of your tummy. The obtained measurements, divide by 2 and note down the Pot (poluobhvat hips). Merck removed at 20-22cm from the waist line.
To measure the seat height, you will need a chair. Sit on it and inch tape measure from tape at waist to the chair. Record Vs (seat height)
Measure the circumference of the knee. The centimeter ribbon put his leg through the center of the patella, divide the result in half. Write Pok (poluobhvat the knee). Remember that the width at knee level totally depends on your needs and fashion trends.
Measure calf circumference, while the tape is at the fullest place. The result, again divide by 2. Record POI (poluobhvat calf).
Measure the length of the step. To do this, slightly open your legs and on the inner side, measure the length from the groin to the floor. Write in a table DS (step length).
The length of the pants measure from the waist line down to the desired length, in the lateral line. Record Di (product length).