You will need
  • A strip of cloth, the quality and color is similar to the one stitched trousers
  • Blade
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle, thread
Before you begin, wash and iron pants. To my old arrows do not have, but the fabric must not be wrinkled. Let's see how the pants hemmed. If they just bent and seamed at the bottom, your task is greatly simplified. Fight back on both legs bending and carefully select all threads.
Water and Ratatouille trousers to remove the crease line. If you don't succeed to make them invisible, try to smooth out so that the fabric in these places wincing as little as possible. The rest you can finish later.
Will have plenty of suitable fabric 2 wide strips of 3-4 cm Length of each strip is equal to the length of the bending leg, plus seam allowances. Better strips cut on the cross — as were cut pants. But in this case it is not particularly important.
Adding details right sides, align the long edge of the strip and the bottom of the Trouser. Baste and stitch detail. Fold the sewn strip on the wrong side of the pants. Zautyuzhte seam.
Fold the sewn strip as you would during normal processing of the bottom of the product. Baste the ACC, pristrochite it or sew manually hidden seam, depending on what fabric sewn pants. Thus it is possible to lengthen the trousers by 2-3 cm