The easiest way to increase the length of the pattern at the bottom line. If the size suits you, but I want to extend the product, simply add the required number of inches on the bottom, continuing the lateral line and mid-line products. Similarly, you can change the length of the sleeve.
If the pattern is not suitable for growth, it must increase in the following way. Cut the pattern pieces along a secondary horizontal lines at the waist and in the middle of the armhole.
Increase to the desired value the length of the back and the length of the front, vertically extending pattern pieces. Expand auxiliary incisions 0.5 cm at the waist and armhole.
Glue the parts of the pattern, inserting a strip of paper. To combine the sideline, do a secondary horizontal slit back below the line of the armhole and extend it 0.5 cm
Through the front make a horizontal slit passing through its top.
Slide the edge of the tuck in such a way as to to combine the side seams of the front and back.
To increase the width of the pattern to cut the pattern along the vertical and horizontal auxiliary lines. Slide the pattern pieces must meet dimensional step.
40 to 52 size step size is 4 cm, 54 – 60 size – 6 cm Divide the step size by 4 and you get the value you want to push the pattern pieces to enlarge it one size.