Advice 1: How to increase the pattern

The market today a large number of magazines, books and manuals on sewing. To create beautiful products, no need to be a professional garment designer, you can use one of many ready-made patterns. But what if the pattern does not fit? Do not rush to refuse any model, you will find some simple tips on how to increase the pattern.
simple pattern
The easiest way to increase the length of the pattern at the bottom line. If the size suits you, but I want to extend the product, simply add the required number of inches on the bottom, continuing the lateral line and mid-line products. Similarly, you can change the length of the sleeve.
If the pattern is not suitable for growth, it must increase in the following way. Cut the pattern pieces along a secondary horizontal lines at the waist and in the middle of the armhole.
Increase to the desired value the length of the back and the length of the front, vertically extending pattern pieces. Expand auxiliary incisions 0.5 cm at the waist and armhole.
Glue the parts of the pattern, inserting a strip of paper. To combine the sideline, do a secondary horizontal slit back below the line of the armhole and extend it 0.5 cm
Through the front make a horizontal slit passing through its top.
Slide the edge of the tuck in such a way as to to combine the side seams of the front and back.
To increase the width of the pattern to cut the pattern along the vertical and horizontal auxiliary lines. Slide the pattern pieces must meet dimensional step.
40 to 52 size step size is 4 cm, 54 – 60 size – 6 cm Divide the step size by 4 and you get the value you want to push the pattern pieces to enlarge it one size.

Advice 2: How to increase the pattern of the pants

Many of us would like to learn how to professionally sew. It is not only the ability to dress nice and trendy yourself and your family members and make a profit. Magazines offer us the latest models, and high-quality fabrics can make your stitched things significantly better than those that are sold in stores. However, the sewing - it's not that simple, there are many nuances that must be mastered. Consider this question on the example of the pants.
How to increase the pattern of the pants
Learn to resize patterns

The length change at anterior and rear halves of the pattern correction in three lines, marked perpendicular to the grain lines. On the first lines, which are at 15 cm below the waist lengthening make 1 cm For the second set of lines that are in the middle between the level of seat height and knee extend 2 cm In the third lines that are in between the height of the knee and lower shear elongation do 2 cm
Also, if the person is different from the growth indicated on the pattern, it is possible to calculate the change in length in the following example. For example, you change the length of the pants the pattern on the growth of 160 cm height 174 cm

First, find the difference between growth and growth patterns, in this case it will be 14 cm find the magnitude of the ratio (14:8 =1.75). Extend the pattern to 1.75 on the first lines of 3.5 (1.75*2) for the second set of lines and 3.5 on the third lines. The very lengthening of the spend so. Apply the three adjustment lines on the front and rear halves of the pants and cut the pattern along these lines. Spread of the pattern at the cutting lines at the desired lengthening distance and mount them on strips of paper.
Increase the width of the product
Increase the width of the pants on the bottom. For example, the width of the pants at the bottom have any model 40 cm, and you need 45 cm, so the difference is 5 cm Increase front and rear halves by the same amount (in this case 2.5 cm on each half). The amount of extension, divide in half, add the lack of width uniformly, stepper and lateral slices (in this example 1.25 cm). Change the width of the pants at knee level expect by analogy with the change of the width of the pants on the bottom. Gradually remove the line expanding from the knee level to the level of the seat height.
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