Grelkara after the injection apply to the injection site is moderately hot water bottle. This will help to disperse the medication.
Listdelete cabbage cabbage leaf with boiling water, leave for two minutes. Then lightly mash the leaf with a fork and apply to the place where the formed bump.
Iodine setcid helps with inflammation. At the injection site and around it put frequent iodine mesh. Resume it up as long as the lump is not going away.
Compressors helps compress a mixture of honey, flour and eggs, taken in the ratio 1:1. Mix the ingredients and apply on the spot seal of the syringe.
Medical sredstvami with Dimexidum – a great anti-inflammatory. Mix the drug with boiled water (1:4), moisten a cloth with the solution and apply the compress on the formed bump.To help dissolve the seal after the injection – lubricate it with ointment Traumeel s, according to the instructions. The drug is homeopathic.If there was a bruise will help gels and ointments containing the active substance heparin, rutin.